Would you like to learn more about MICRO and computed tomography? MICRO is committed to sharing our science with the public. Much of our funding—the money that keeps the lab running and gives us the ability to complete our research and learn new and exciting things about the world around us—comes from taxpayers and government agencies like the National Science Foundation and the State of Arkansas. We want to share what we learn with you, and talk about why we love what we do.

If you are an educator and would like to talk with us about outreach (either in person or virtually), or if we can support you, a teacher you know, or a child interested in science in any way, please contact us at micro@uark.edu or contact the Lab Principal Investigator Claire Terhune directly. Educators and their students are welcome to submit sample objects to be scanned free of charge, and we can return the data and/or a 3D model to be used in classroom exercises.

Stay tuned for us to provide resources to educators here in the future.